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The Shiva Lingam stone is prevalent in many aspects of Hindu belief and is a symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. Shaped a bit like an elongated egg, the Shiva Lingam comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from less than half an inch to several feet long. Each stone’s markings are unique, and the stone symbolizes Divine creation and the sacred balance of the soul. Because of its shape and similarity to phallic symbolism, the Shiva Lingam is often associated with male and female aspects of life, as well as potency, sexual fertility, and whole-self healing.

Associated Element: All
Magical Uses: Fertility and potency, healing
Rituals and Celebrations: Beltane, fertility rituals
Often Used With: Apple blossom, carnelian, dandelion, mandrake, mistletoe, moss agate, patchouli
Associated Colors: Brown, gray, red
Applications: Place Shiva Lingam in a charm bag with other fertility stones like moss agate and carnelian. Keep this under your bed to help improve your chances of conceiving a child. If there’s a man in your life who’s suffering from impotence or a lack of sexual desire, place a Shiva Lingam stone in a jar of water in the sunlight; sprinkle the water around his side of the bed, or use it in a wash before lovemaking.

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