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Salvia officinalis

Although sage is common and inexpensive, it is an excellent remedy for a number of ailments including colds and fevers, hot flashes, painful or heavy periods, rashes, and sore throats. You can even put it to work on painful gums and gingivitis. Try it in culinary applications, where it offers a wonderful taste while helping you heal naturally.
Parts Used: Leaves
Precautions: Sage is generally considered safe.
Identifying/ Growing: There are about 900 different Salvia species, with some being purely ornamental and others being useful for culinary and medicinal applications. Elongated, soft leaves of silver-green grow on most varieties, along with pinkish to purplish flowers. The stems tend to be woody and erect, and the aroma is fresh, slightly pungent, and a bit mouthwatering. Sage takes a long time to mature when it is grown from seed, but you can find mature plants at most nurseries and transplant them in a sunny spot. Most sage varieties prefer slightly dry soil; check your plants’ requirements for best results.

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