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Lavandula angustifolia

The ancients used lavender in perfumed bathwater and for strewing on the floors of temples and houses. It found its way to England in the 1600s and was even mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare. Lavender essential oil can be incorporated into healing magic and can also be used to bring about peaceful sleep and dreaming. In addition, it is associated with love, cleansing, and purification.

Parts Used: Essential oil, flowers
Associated Element: Air
Magical Uses: Cleansing, health and wellness, love, purification, sleep and dreams
Rituals and Celebrations: Beltane and other spring celebrations
Blends Well With: Vervain and mint for purification, mugwort for calm dreaming
Substitutions: Fennel, sage
Often Used With: Amethyst, jet
Precautions: Exercise caution if you’re applying the essential oil to the skin—some people do experience a negative reaction.
Applications: Blend a few drops of lavender oil into a base oil and apply to your wrists to draw love your way. Make a smudging wand from the flowers and stems, and burn it to purify and cleanse a space. Tuck lavender into your pillow to bring about calm sleep. Steep the flowers in water to create a cooling cleanse for use when you are sick.


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