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Tanacetum parthenium

Feverfew offers a mild tranquilizing effect that makes it ideal for easing the tension and fatigue that often lead to headaches. It inhibits blood platelets from aggregating in the bloodstream and prevents small capillaries from becoming blocked. This action gives feverfew the ability to prevent and treat migraines.
Parts Used: Leaves
Precautions: Fresh feverfew leaves can cause mouth ulcers. Do not use feverfew during pregnancy and avoid it if you are allergic to ragweed.
Identifying/ Growing: Feverfew is a close relative of marigolds and dandelions. Its tiny, daisy-like flowers feature cheerful yellow centers and diminutive white petals. It is easy to grow feverfew; simply sow the seeds in a sunny spot during spring or summer. When you harvest the plants, leave some behind and allow them to go to seed so that you’ll have a steady supply next year.

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