Mandragora officinarum

There are multiple types of mandrake plants, but the most commonly found is Mandragora officinarum, which has been used in magic and medicine since classical times. Mandrake root became popular in the Middle Ages as a talisman against evil spirits or weapons. Mandrake is sometimes used as an ingredient in lust spells and sex magic, since it is known to have aphrodisiac properties. Carry the root in your pocket, or use the dried leaves in a sachet.

Parts Used: Leaves, roots

Associated Element: Fire

Magical Uses: Gambling and money, lust, protection

Rituals and Celebrations: Protection rituals

Blends Well With: Apple blossom or pennyroyal for prosperity, tobacco or valerian for protection

Substitutions: American mandrake (Podophyllum peltatum, aka mayapple), bryony

Often Used With: Carnelian, jasper, Shiva Lingam, smoky quartz

Precautions: Mandrake is highly toxic and should never be ingested; it is a heavy narcotic and can cause miscarriage, hallucinations, or cardiac problems.

Applications: Bury a mandrake root under your doorstep to keep intruders away, or steep the leaves in water and sprinkle this infusion around your property as a protective measure. Because the roots are similar in shape to a human figure, they can be used for any sort of sympathetic magic in which you need a magical doll.



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