Lapis Lazuli

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Key Words: Higher Guidance, Intuition, Communication
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air

Also known as lazurite, and sometimes shortened to just “lapis,” this beautiful stone is found in many shades from pale blue to deep, nearly indigo blue, and often has white streaks and gold inflections. It was extremely valuable to the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, connected to the divine through its association with the blue of the sky. Lapis is associated with truth, communication, and connection to higher wisdom. Energetically, lapis lazuli is good for lifting depression and restoring a sense of inner peace. Like jade, it is a stone of self-knowledge and helps you reflect
on how your perceptions and beliefs shape your decisions. It stimulates intuition and motivation, making it easier to manifest circumstances that we desire and that are for our highest good. For people who are consciously tending their spiritual journey, this stone helps maintain connection with the higher self and access to inspiration from the spiritual plane. Lapis also works on the intellectual level, activating our desire for knowledge and understanding and helping us to integrate new knowledge, as well as enhancing memory. As a stone of truth, lapis helps you communicate honestly and effectively, both with others and with yourself. This property makes it a great stone for aid in written communication as well. Holding a piece of lapis to the third eye or in your hand while meditating can help you increase your ability to quickly register what your truth is and give you the confidence to express it. Wiccans have used lapis to increase psychic abilities and establish clear contact with their higher selves. This stone is also great for workings to strengthen love relationships and friendships, and restoring balance and harmony between our egos and our deeper selves. It’s an ideal stone for spellwork done outdoors under the night sky, and for receiving prophetic information in dreams. Wear or carry lapis when approaching communication of all kinds, whether a meaningful conversation between friends, or a public speaking occasion. It can also protect against negative words or thoughts from others, returning that

energy to its source.

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