Artemisia vulgaris

Mugwort has a number of magical uses and is often associated with divination and dreaming; overactive dreams can be balanced out with a ritual bath made from mugwort before bedtime. For prophecy and divination, make an incense of mugwort or use it in smudge sticks around your altar. Mugwort is often associated with the female reproductive system and women’s intuition because of its close connections to the moon.

Parts Used: Essential oil, leaves

Associated Element: Earth

Magical Uses: Divination, intuition, psychic development, women’s mysteries

Rituals and Celebrations: Litha/summer solstice, solar rituals, lunar celebrations

Blends Well With: Lavender for calm dreaming, lemon balm for psychic development

Substitutions: Comfrey, sage, tobacco

Often Used With: Bloodstone, clear quartz, diamond, garnet, moonstone, turquoise

Precautions: Pregnant women should not take mugwort internally, as it can lead to miscarriage.

Applications: Place mugwort under your pillow to prevent psychic attacks in your sleep or to ward off negative dreams, or plant it in your yard to attract fairies. Create a magic broom with mugwort woven into it, and use it to sweep negativity from your home. For a bit of magical defense around your house and property, dab the essential oil on your doors.


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