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Key Words: Grounding, Protection, Clearing, Stability
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Aries
Planet: Saturn
Element: Fire, Earth, Water

Hematite is a silvery dark gray stone, very shiny when polished and widely used today in jewelry, such as bracelets and anklets, to help soothe the symptoms of arthritis. It gets its name from the Greek word for “blood,” because the stone turns red in powdered form. This characteristic is hinted at in another name for the stone, “iron rose.” In fact, the powdered form of hematite was used as one of the earliest pigments in ancient cave paintings. Hematite’s calming, grounding energy can be experienced as noticeably “heavy,” and it is one of the easiest stones to sense immediately upon holding it. It draws focus away from the mind and into the body, helping you stay connected to the earth and in the present moment. Once we are grounded and centered, it’s easier to handle tasks that require mental organization, such as mathematics and logical thinking. Hematite decreases negativity, further helping to integrate mind, body, and spirit, and enhances self-confidence and self-esteem. Magically, hematite is used for protection, divination, and psychic awareness. It can be placed in the corners of a room, or even in the corners of a yard, to protect the space from negativity. It’s good for grounding during spiritual work, keeping you connected to the Earth plane during your astral journey so that reintegrating into consensual reality is an easier, smoother process. Many Witches use hematite in spellwork related to confidence and willpower, and solving complex problems. As a divination tool, you can hold a large piece of hematite near a candle and watch the images created by the flame’s reflection in the surface. Of course, it’s also great for preparing for magic. If you’re wanting to do some spellwork but are unable to get yourself in the right “mental space,” try meditating while holding or wearing hematite for several minutes to calm the energy of the distracted mind.

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