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Salvia officinalis

Sage has been used for thousands of years; ancient priests burned dried sprigs in temples for religious rituals. The Greeks and Romans believed that inhaling the smoke imparted wisdom and mental acuity, and later Arab physicians said that sage brought about immortality. Sage is a multipurpose herb that comes in handy for purification and cleansing.

Parts Used: Essential oil, leaves
Associated Element: Air
Magical Uses: Cleansing and purification, mental acuity, psychic clarity, wisdom
Rituals and Celebrations: Lammas celebrations, smudging rituals
Blends Well With: Sweetgrass and rosemary for smudging
Substitutions: Sweetgrass
Often Used With: Amber, amethyst, selenite
Precautions: Sage essential oil should not be ingested by pregnant or nursing women, as the tannin content can cause breast milk to dry up.
Applications: Carry fresh sage leaves in your wallet or purse to promote financial gain. Burn the dried leaves to increase wisdom or gain guidance from spirit guides, bake it into bread or other dishes to bring about mental clarity, or smudge your home with sage for purification. If you want to make a wish come true, write your wish using sage oil on a piece of paper and then hide it beneath your pillow; if you dream about your wish over the next three nights, your desires will manifest!

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