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Key Words: Clarity, Grounding, Transformation, Wisdom
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth

One of the exceptions to the “rule” defining crystals and stones, jet is not technically a mineral, but is actually a type of fossilized driftwood that decayed under extreme pressure to become a form similar to coal. It is surprisingly light in weight and warms quickly in the palm of your hand. Jet was mined as early as 1500 B.C., and was used in pendants and as beads in ancient times. It was believed to protect against illness and attacks from personal enemies. As a stone of transmutation— having begun as one substance and ended as another, jet is a helpful stone for transitions. Its energy appeals to mental cloudiness, helping you ground and center in order to see clearly your best possible approach to changing circumstances. When the future is unknown, it can be hard to maintain clarity of focus, as we become uncomfortable being unable to see exactly what’s ahead. Jet helps clear the fog of this anxiety and sets us up to stay open to positive possibilities. This stone absorbs energy from negative thinking, and as such should be cleaned often if used for this purpose. It’s also a great meditation stone, aiding in increasing spiritual awareness and healing from grief and sorrow. Jet is considered one of the most protective magical stones, used for guarding a home against negative energies, and to banish unwanted spirits. It has been traditionally used to protect against damage from thunderstorms, and worn by the wives of sailors to protect their husbands at sea. It is used in spellwork to guard against nightmares, violence, and psychic vampires. Some Witches place it on their altars to increase the effectiveness of whatever magic they’re working. As a black stone working on the mental level, it’s good for increased psychic awareness, as well as divination.

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