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Like quartz, topaz can be found in several colors, but it generally appears in yellow or blue. Use yellow topaz to bring success and good fortune, as well as to protect yourself from greed. The blue variety is calming and brings about inner peace, spiritual love, and creativity; it can also enhance your leadership abilities. Pink comes in handy when it comes to matters of the mind, such as studying and memory.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Abundance, calming, meditation, protection from greed, success
Rituals and Celebrations: Mabon, meditation rituals
Often Used With: Catnip, holly, moonstone, rosemary, rue, sweetgrass, turquoise
Associated Colors: Blue, pink, yellow
Applications: Combine yellow topaz with moonstone and turquoise for success in business; place all three stones in a pouch and keep it tucked away at your workstation. Carry blue topaz to calm yourself down, especially if you’re about to walk into a situation where you have to demonstrate your leadership. Got a big test coming up? Keep a pink topaz near your study resources, and then place it under your pillow the night before the test. This will help you retain the information you’ve read.

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