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Santalum spicatum

Although not truly an herb but a wood, sandalwood is an entire class of trees that are packed full of essential oils. Sandalwood oil is used in a number of rituals and spells, particularly related to cleansing and purification, and the wood and flowers can be utilized as well. Some species in the sandalwood family are endangered, but most of the sandalwood oil sold in the United States today is from the non-endangered Australian sandalwood. Use sandalwood in meditation and as a booster in other rituals.

Parts Used: Essential oil, flowers, wood
Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Grounding and stability, meditation, purification and cleansing
Rituals and Celebrations: Meditation, purification rituals
Blends Well With: Frankincense and myrrh for purification
Substitutions: Lavender
Often Used With: Carnelian, jet, smoky quartz
Precautions: Sandalwood is generally considered safe, but the essential oil should not be ingested for extended periods by anyone who is pregnant, is nursing, or suffers from kidney disease.
Applications: Use sandalwood oil to anoint and consecrate magical tools before ritual use, or burn the wood or flowers as incense to help with meditative journeys. Carry a bit of wood in your pocket if you have issues related to self-identity and trust, or dilute the oil in a base oil and sprinkle it around your home to keep your family bonds strong.

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