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Key words: Transformation, Higher Guidance, Protection
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air

Another form of quartz crystal, amethyst is considered by many to be the most beautiful of magical stones. It ranges in color from pale lavender to deep, very dark purple, and may be transparent or opaque. The color is created by the presence of manganese in clear quartz, and the variation in hue is caused by additional amounts of iron. Amethyst frequently occurs in geodes, where it’s not uncommon to see amethyst and clear quartz points clustered together. In ancient Greece, amethyst was considered the “stone of sobriety,” believed to help reduce the intoxicating effects of wine, and to this day is used in working to break addictions, as well as other unwanted habits and patterns. This is because amethyst has a very high vibration that helps people connect to their spiritual selves and find the balance between healthy indulgences and unhealthy overindulgence. It is a stone of contentment, aiding in meditation and attaining higher states of consciousness and transforming negative energy into positive energy. It also helps enhance perception, on both intellectual and intuitive levels, and increases psychic ability. In magic, amethyst is wonderful for clearing sacred space and maintaining a positive atmosphere anywhere it is placed. It is useful for healing rituals related to addiction of all kinds, both physical and emotional (such as difficulty removing oneself from toxic relationships). It increases luck and prosperity by curbing the tendency to overspend, as well as promoting motivation. It’s a good stone for creativity and any projects requiring imaginative thinking and focus. Amethyst has been used traditionally in Wiccan magic for dispelling illusion and to bring about psychic healing. Wearing or carrying amethyst creates a protective shield against negative energies in your environment. Like rose quartz, amethyst near the computer can help relieve eye strain, and it’s also a good stone to keep under your pillow for peaceful dreams. Unpolished amethyst is a good charger for other crystals, as well as a healing energy for plants—place it in areas where plants don’t tend to thrive to purify the energy and enhance their growth.

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