Valeriana wallichii

Although it smells terrible—not unlike cat urine—valerian is a handy and useful magical herb. Hang it in your house to protect your home from fires, floods, or other natural disasters. Quarrels with family members can be resolved by placing sprigs of valerian leaves around the perimeter of the house and in the corners of your home. Hanging it over each door will keep discontent from entering the house. Also, despite its unpleasant aroma, many people swear by the use of valerian in love magic.

Parts Used: Essential oil, leaves, roots

Associated Element: Water

Magical Uses: Love magic, peacemaking, protection

Rituals and Celebrations: Peace and tranquility

Blends Well With: Apple blossom and cinnamon for love magic, or basil and rosemary for protection

Substitutions: Patchouli, tobacco

Often Used With: Jet, obsidian

Precautions: Short-term ingestion of valerian is considered reasonably safe, but over extended periods, it can cause digestive disorders, so caution is advised.

Applications: Carry a piece of valerian root in your pocket to protect you from hostile spirits or negative magic, or tuck a few leaves under your window to keep evil from entering. Hang a bundle in your home if you want to mend quarrels with the other people who live there.



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