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Turquoise is perhaps best known for its use in the artwork and jewelry of the Native American people of the Southwest, but it is found all over the world, including in Tibet and Egypt. It appears in various shades of blue, from light to dark, and often appears speckled or banded with black or white streaks. Use turquoise in rituals to bring about wisdom and intuition, and to seek connection between the natural and Divine.

Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Intuition, spiritual development, wisdom
Rituals and Celebrations: Imbolc Often
Used With: Agate, amethyst, mugwort, sweetgrass
Associated Colors: Blue, green
Applications: Give a turquoise stone to a new friend to show mutual generosity or to bring financial success and abundance toward your friend. Carry one in your pocket to aid in decision making, especially if you have to choose between two equally appealing options. Keep turquoise in your meditation area to aid in spiritual growth and development, as well as your connection to the deities. If you need to promote marital harmony, both partners should wear a piece of turquoise jewelry.

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