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Quartz appears in a variety of shapes and colors, and is a versatile crystal in metaphysical practices. Clear or white quartz is connected to all four elements and can be used for healing rituals or the enhancement of intuition and spiritual growth. Rose quartz is often associated with love and relationships, as well as relief of emotional issues and drama. Smoky gray quartz can be used for grounding and centering, as well as for absorbing negative energies.

Associated Element: All (clear), Earth (smoky), Water (rose)
Magical Uses: Grounding and stability (smoky), healing and intuition (clear), love and friendship (rose)
Rituals and Celebrations: Healing rituals, Ostara
Often Used With: Amber, jet, lemon balm, mugwort (clear); amber, mandrake, sandalwood, tiger’s eye (smoky); garnet, lilac, moonstone, yarrow (rose)
Associated Colors: Brown, clear, gray, pink, white
Applications: Place clear quartz in a bowl with other crystals to amplify their energies. Use it in general healing magic by placing it on the parts of the body affected by illness or injury. Clear quartz also provides protection from negativity. Rose quartz can be used to boost self-esteem and draw romance and friendship your way. Hold a piece of rose quartz during meditation to help heal from childhood trauma, emotional abuse, or feelings of abandonment. To develop confidence and self-esteem, carry smoky quartz with you. Place a piece near your mirror to bring about feelings of calmness and inner beauty.

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