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In many magical traditions, sunflowers are symbols of good luck. These bright, sunny blooms are also associated with truth, loyalty, and honesty. If you wish to have truth revealed to you, sleep with a sunflower under your pillow; the next day, the facts will become apparent. The sunflower is tied to fertility; to bring about conception, take a ritual bath with sunflower petals or wear a crown of sunflowers, particularly at Litha, the summer solstice. Sunflower oil has a mild flavor and scent, and can be used as a base oil.

Parts Used: Flowers, oil, seeds
Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Fertility, good luck, loyalty, passion, truth
Rituals and Celebrations: Fertility rituals, Litha
Blends Well With: Lavender or lilac for love, cinnamon or mistletoe for fertility
Substitutions: Chamomile, heliotrope, marigold
Often Used With: Moonstone, selenite
Precautions: Sunflower oil can cause a reaction in those who are allergic to ragweed, marigolds, or chrysanthemums.
Applications: Bake sunflower seeds or oil into a meal so that those who eat it will be honest and loyal to you. Plant sunflowers around your home to bring good fortune your way. When the flowers bloom, harvest the entire head of a sunflower and place it under your bed to give your sex life some extra heat.

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