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The emerald is lush and green, and can be used to lift the spirit and calm the mind when you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable. Considered a sacred stone of eternal life, emeralds were used by the Egyptians and Greeks as talismans for both love magic and financial fortune. Use emeralds to revive lost passion and restore confidence and self-esteem, or even to boost business in times of economic downturn.

Associated Element: Earth
Magical Uses: Calming anxiety, confidence, love, money, passion
Rituals and Celebrations: Litha, love spells
Often Used With: Aventurine, basil, catnip, cinnamon, citrine, goldenseal, lilac, yarrow
Associated Colors: Green
Applications: Carry an emerald in your pocket, or wear it close to your heart to attract long-term love and passionate romance. An emerald held in the hands during meditation can calm an agitated, busy mind. Place one under your pillow at bedtime; if you dream of emeralds in your sleep, it’s a sign of prosperity and worldly success, particularly if you own a business.

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