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The diamonds you’re accustomed to seeing in engagement rings are polished, cut, and sparkly, and are typically associated with love and marriage. However, uncut diamonds look very different; uncut, they are usually gray, yellow, white, or even pink, and often small and lumpy. With a strong link to the sun, diamonds can be used in workings related to astral travel, scrying, and intuitive power.

Associated Elements: Air, Fire
Magical Uses: Astral travel, fidelity, love, intuition, marriage, personal power
Rituals and Celebrations: Handfastings, Lammas, Litha
Often Used With: Basil, citrine, comfrey, garnet, mugwort, rose quartz
Associated Colors: Gray, pink, white, yellow
Applications: You can wear diamonds to ensure fidelity in relationships, or use them in meditation if you’re trying to make a decision about your love life. Attract new love into your life by keeping a diamond close to your heart; this will also help in developing love for self.

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