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Obsidian is actually volcanic glass, and it can appear clear and smooth or have sharp, raw edges. Use obsidian for workings involving developing intuition and dreamwork, removing negativity, or scrying. Obsidian is effective in magic relating to shedding baggage or ending toxic attachments and habits; it’s also known as a stone that can be used to protect those who are sensitive and gentle from emotional harm. Green obsidian can deflect psychic energies that might otherwise leave you feeling drained, as does snowflake obsidian.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Banishing, dreamwork, intuition, magical shielding, scrying
Rituals and Celebrations: Samhain, scrying rituals
Often Used With: Chamomile, comfrey, lilac, jet, onyx, pennyroyal, valerian, white quartz
Associated Colors: Black, green, white
Applications: Carry obsidian to keep you grounded during protection and shielding rituals. Tuck a piece under your pillow at bedtime to aid in lucid dreaming; before you fall asleep, focus on any questions that must be answered, and the solution should appear to you in your dreams. If you need to banish someone from your life, write the individual’s name on a piece of obsidian, and throw it into a moving body of water. If you can find a ball or sphere made of obsidian, use it for divination work and scrying. To regain balance in your life, pair obsidian with a similarly sized piece of white quartz. Cleanse obsidian by placing it in any sort of natural light, whether from the moon or the sun.

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