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Moonstone, considered sacred in India, gets its name from its appearance. It’s a polished stone that often looks like a reflection of the moon’s surface. As such, it’s often associated with lunar deities, particularly goddesses with triple aspects. You can use moonstone in workings related to female reproduction and childbirth, as well as for wisdom and intuition, women’s mysteries, and ceremonies honoring the sacred feminine.

Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Female energy, moon magic, wisdom and intuition
Rituals and Celebrations: Moon rituals
Often Used With: Clear quartz, garnet, mugwort, selenite, sunflower
Associated Colors: Gray, peach, silver, white
Applications: Put moonstone under the bed of a woman in labor to help aid in a smooth and healthy childbirth, or place it anywhere on the body that needs general healing energy. Do a ritual honoring lunar goddesses and leave your moonstone out overnight, under the moonlight, in a bowl of water. Use this healing water as a skin wash or to sprinkle around a sickroom. If you’re feeling jittery and off-kilter, carrying moonstone in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry will help your body’s natural rhythms become better attuned. Pair a piece of moonstone with a garnet to reveal the truth about a matter that has been hidden from you.

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