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Malus domestica

In mythology, apples are associated with immortality and health, and an apple branch bearing unopened blossoms was considered a magical key to the land of the dead. Apple blossoms are also associated with love magic, as well as themes of fertility, prosperity, and abundance. You can certainly buy these commercially, but if you have access to an apple tree, gathering the blossoms in the spring is a great way to add to your herbal magic collection.

Parts Used: Flowers, leaves
Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Abundance, fertility, health, immortality, love, prosperity
Rituals and Celebrations: Love magic, spring celebrations
Blends Well With: Comfrey for healing, cinnamon and patchouli for love
Substitutions: Rosebuds, vanilla, young violets
Often Used With: Bloodstone, carnelian, Shiva Lingam
Precautions: No known precautions.
Applications: Add blossoms to incense for love magic, or carry in a sachet for fertility and abundance. Steep them in warm water to create a skin wash for youthful beauty. Hang garlands over your bed for fertility. Dress a green candle with oil and crushed apple blossoms for a simple money spell, or place the flowers in your wallet or purse for prosperity.

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