Mentha pulegium

In some forms of American folk magic, pennyroyal is associated with money, while in others it is used for protection against hexes. Press fresh flowers and add them to a base oil, and use it to ward off negative magic around your home. Dry out the leaves and use them in an incense blend to protect pets, gardens, and even your car from damage and accidents.

Parts Used: Essential oil, leaves

Associated Element: Fire

Magical Uses: Banishing, money and wealth, protection

Rituals and Celebrations: Banishing rituals

Blends Well With: Goldenseal for prosperity

Substitutions: Comfrey, mint

Often Used With: Jet, obsidian, onyx

Precautions: Pennyroyal can be toxic to pregnant women and should not be used in any form by pregnant or nursing women.

Applications: Tuck pennyroyal leaves into your purse or hang them over a cash register at work to bring money into your life, or steep the leaves in water to make a wash for your hands as a way of welcoming prosperity. You can burn pennyroyal leaves as incense around your home to protect your property, or anoint your shoes with the essential oil to keep you safe when traveling.



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