Celebrating Ostara

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As the weather grows warmer, Ostara is a particularly wonderful time to get outdoors and take in the seasonal changes taking place all around you. If you haven’t been in the habit of truly noticing spring’s unfolding before, choose a place to visit regularly and study the transformation of the trees and other plant life. Greet the bees and other insects with joy as they begin to appear, and thank them for their role in sustaining life. Take every opportunity you can to watch the Sun set just a little later each evening. And if you don’t already have a garden to prepare, consider starting one—even if you only have a windowsill to grow a magical herb or two. Coven rituals often focus on the goddess Ostara or another goddess of spring. Witches may meet just before dawn to watch the Sun rise on this perfectly balanced day. Dyeing eggs is a fun activity to do with fellow Wiccans, perhaps using color correspondences to create magical eggs for later spellwork. Natural objects are always a welcome part of rituals at any time of the year, but especially at the Spring Equinox, the first Sabbat after winter when flowers, buds and blossoms are truly available to be gathered. Sprinkle petals around your altar, float them on water in your cauldron, and wear them in your hair if you like, but be careful to harvest spring wildflowers responsibly, as they serve as much-needed food sources for our much-needed pollinators!

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