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Hematite is an extremely popular crystal to use in magic, but the shiny silver stones you’re used to seeing look that way only because they’ve been smoothed and polished. In its raw form, hematite is a deep rust color and is sometimes referred to as paint ore or iron rose. Associated with the planet Saturn as well as the sun, hematite can be used in healing rituals and protective magic, as well as for developing confidence, problem-solving skills, psychic clarity, and willpower.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Confidence and courage, healing, protection, psychic awareness
Rituals and Celebrations: Mabon, protection rituals, Samhain
Often Used With: Chamomile, feverfew, holly, lemon balm, obsidian, onyx, rue, tobacco leaf
Associated Colors: Deep red, silver
Applications: Place hematite at the four corners of your property to protect yourself from those who might want to cause you physical harm. Carry a piece in your pocket or tuck it in your car’s glove compartment to stay safe when traveling. If you have a meditation space, hematite placed at the doors and windows will help prevent psychic attack. Hematite also helps dissipate negative energies, so if you’re sensitive to being bombarded with information and emotions when you’re in a crowd, wear a piece of hematite jewelry.


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