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Also known as: Gifu, Gytu
Pronunciation: gay-boo
Letter sound: G (as in “gift”)
Translation: gift, hospitality, generosity
Keywords: gift, generosity, friendship, harmony, talents/abilities
Magical Uses: Love, sex, harmonious relationships of all kinds, connect with divine energies, boost magical energy and ability

Primary Themes
Gebo is the rune of gifts and generosity. Primarily, it signifies an exchange between people that necessarily results in a connection between the giver and receiver. Drawing Gebo often indicates that you are receiving a gift, which may be material in nature or something intangible, such as emotional support. In centuries past, when contracts were signed by people who couldn’t read or write, they made an “x” mark to signify their agreement to the transaction. This concept of agreement between the two parties is a core part of Gebo’s meaning. If you are the recipient of a gift from someone else, you choose to either accept or decline it. Depending on the context of the reading, Gebo may be advising you to accept wholeheartedly with gratitude, or to be wary of the motivations behind the gift. Alternatively, you may be asked to consider your own giving—are you reciprocating sufficiently to honor what you’ve received? Are you giving away too much, to too many, or to the wrong people? A related interpretation for Gebo is success and harmony in partnerships. All relationships, whether personal or professional, involve reciprocity to some degree. Drawing this rune indicates that a relationship in your life is blessed with good fortune. With business partners or coworkers, this may mean that a synergy between you leads to productive, enjoyable work. In romance, you may experience a deepening of commitment and passion with your partner. Just be sure, in all relationships, to pay attention to balance and harmony. Keep both yourself and the other person in mind with all of your actions and decisions. Show compassion to the people in your life, and be able to forgive (another aspect of giving) when forgiveness is needed.

Additional Meanings
Gebo can also refer to gifts from the higher realms, particularly in the context of skills and talents. You may discover a new passion that you have a natural ability for, or further develop a talent you are already pursuing. Drawing this rune is a message of encouragement to keep making the most of what you have been given in order to make your mark on the world. Gebo has no reversed meaning.


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