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Garnets appear most commonly in shades of red and purple, although they can occasionally show up in other colors like green, gold, and orange. Some people believe that a garnet obtained through theft or deception will bring a curse upon the person who has it until the person makes things right with the original owner, so don’t steal a garnet! In terms of magic, garnet is connected to moon magic, and subsequently to intuition and women’s mysteries. Use it in rituals for balance (especially between the spiritual and the physical) or to enhance the energies of other crystals in magical workings.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Balance, moon magic, intuition, passion, women’s mysteries
Rituals and Celebrations: Full moon rituals, Imbolc, Lammas
Often Used With: Aventurine, bloodstone, cinnamon, lemon balm, mugwort, sweetgrass
Associated Colors: Green, gold, orange, purple, red
Applications: Garnet can be carried in your pocket or worn in a piece of jewelry to develop your personal power and bring balance between the spiritual and physical planes. Use it during lunar rituals to promote intuitive abilities and psychic skills. Keep a garnet in your meditation area to give other crystals a boost while keeping negative energy at bay.


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