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Nepeta cataria

Catnip is a fairly mild herb, and if you give it to your feline companion, some people believe it can help strengthen the psychic bond between you. Popular for use in animal magic, catnip is also associated with love magic. Additionally, catnip’s calming properties can be used to alleviate anxious moods—after all, just watch how mellow your cat is after ingesting it!

Parts Used: Leaves
Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Animal magic, calming energy, good luck, love, purification
Rituals and Celebrations: Consecration rituals Blends Well With: Rose petals for love magic
Substitutions: Comfrey, mint, pennyroyal
Often Used With: Emerald, topaz
Precautions: Large quantities of catnip can promote menstruation, so it should not be ingested by pregnant women.
Applications: Grow catnip near your home to attract good spirits (and neighborhood cats). Place the leaves in a sachet for love magic, or brew them in water to create a face wash for use in beauty spells. Rub the dried leaves between your hands to help reduce anxiety, or roll a brown candle in catnip for workings related to calming an agitated pet.


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