Hydrastis canadensis

Goldenseal is known as an herb of attraction, so it comes in very handy indeed when you need to do a bit of money magic. It’s also useful in healing rituals and can be burned as incense during meditation. Goldenseal has the additional bonus of being something that gives other workings a boost; add it into any spell for a bit of extra magical energy.

Parts Used: Flowers, leaves, roots

Associated Element: Fire

Magical Uses: Money, healing

Rituals and Celebrations: Healing rituals, fall celebrations

Blends Well With: Mandrake or pennyroyal for prosperity, rosemary or rue for the element of Fire

Substitutions: Barberry, grape root

Often Used With: Emerald, lodestone

Precautions: Goldenseal should not be used internally by pregnant or nursing women, or by children.

Applications: Create an infusion of goldenseal root in warm water, and sprinkle it around your business for financial success, or keep the leaves and flowers in your wallet or purse to draw money. Burn some as an incense in a sickroom to get rid of illness, or anoint a blue candle with oil and goldenseal powder for general health and well-being.



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