Matricaria chamomilla

The two most common types of chamomile are the Roman and German varieties. Used for centuries for purification and protection, this all-purpose plant is also useful in incense blends for meditation and in teas for restful sleep. In a number of folk magic traditions, chamomile is associated with good luck. It can also be used to prevent magical or psychic attack. Also, although it is associated with the element of Water, chamomile and its bright yellow-and-white flowers are also strongly connected to the energy of the sun.

Parts Used: Essential oil, flowers, leaves

Associated Element: Water

Magical Uses: Good luck, meditation, protection from evil, purification

Rituals and Celebrations: Litha celebrations, sun magic

Blends Well With: Comfrey or peppermint for healing or cleansing, sandalwood for meditation

Substitutions: Heliotrope, sunflower

Often Used With: Amber, amethyst, hematite, jet, obsidian, onyx

Precautions: Do not use chamomile if you are pregnant, allergic to ragweed and/or pollen, or taking any blood-thinning or anticoagulant medications.

Applications: Blend chamomile into a tea before bed for calm sleep, or burn it as incense for meditative rituals. Want to protect your family from negative magic? Plant the flowers around your home. You can also carry the dried blossoms in your pocket as a good-luck charm.



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