Cirsium vulgare

Thistle comes in very handy for eliminating curses and negative magic. Stuff a doll with thistles to break a hex or spell that’s been cast against you. Also an herb of vitality and power, thistle can be strewn around the house to boost the spirits and renew your energy levels. Carry dried thistle in a sachet for protection, or hang a bundle from the rafters to safeguard your home against lightning strikes.

Parts Used: Flowers, leaves

Associated Element: Fire

Magical Uses: Hex-breaking, healing, strength and protection

Rituals and Celebrations: Autumn celebrations, healing rituals

Blends Well With: Holly for strength, yarrow for healing

Substitutions: Stinging nettle

Often Used With: Jet

Precautions: Thistle can secrete oils that cause irritation to sensitive skin; if you’re handling fresh plants or the oils, be cautious.

Applications: Surround a black candle with dried thistles and burn it to eliminate hexes. If you suffer from nervous disorders or anxiety, place thistle in a sachet of blue cloth to bring about healing and calming energy. Powder a dried thistle and sprinkle it around your shoes to protect you as you travel to unfamiliar places.



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