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Unlike many of the other stones used in magic, jet is actually fossilized Jurassic-era driftwood that has transformed into lignite coal. It comes in very handy in talismans and jewelry because it can be polished to a mirror-like sheen. The energy of jet can be used to purify and protect, and jet is often associated with grief; the Victorians used it to make mourning brooches and rosaries. Today, you can use jet to protect against evil and psychic attacks.

Associated Element: Earth
Magical Uses: Absorbing negativity, grief, grounding, protection
Rituals and Celebrations: Banishing rituals, funerals, Samhain
Often Used With: Amber, chamomile, holly, lavender, onyx, obsidian, pennyroyal, rosemary, sandalwood, thistle, valerian
Associated Colors: Black
Applications: Wear a necklace or brooch of jet to aid in healing from grief and mourning. It can also be used to dispel negative energy. Keep a piece handy to prevent psychic attack and emotional possession or addiction. If someone is harassing you and you want to get them out of your life, write or scratch the person’s name on a piece of jet and throw it in a running stream or river. From your bedpost, hang a piece of jet alongside amber to ensure a restful sleep without nightmares.


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