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Symphytum officinale

Comfrey has a number of magical uses and has been used in folk magic for a long time. If you’re heading out on a road trip, take a cue from early travelers. They believed that carrying a bit of comfrey would keep them safe on pilgrimages. Tucking a few leaves in a suitcase or bag is thought to prevent potential loss or tampering. Comfrey is also associated with healing, cleansing, and smudging, as well as divination and prophecy. Add comfrey to a ritual fire for use with divination and scrying, or tuck it under your pillow for restful sleep and relaxing dreams.

Parts Used: Leaves
Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Cleansing, divination, healing, prophecy, protection, purification
Rituals and Celebrations: Samhain celebrations, scrying and other divination rituals
Blends Well With: Chamomile, feverfew, or yarrow for healing
Substitutions: Mugwort, rosemary, sage
Often Used With: Diamond, obsidian
Precautions: Keep away from pets, as comfrey can be toxic to them.
Applications: Place comfrey in your luggage when you travel to keep your bags from getting stolen, or sprinkle a bit of the leaves in your shoes to make sure you reach your destination safely. Blend a decoction by steeping fresh leaves in warm water and washing with it for protection, or burn as incense for meditation and divination.


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