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Onyx typically appears in black, although you may sometimes encounter it with white bands or spots. Like other black stones, onyx absorbs negativity, so it’s useful for protection. It can provide emotional strength during times of trouble and help eliminate unwanted energies or feelings. Use onyx for workings related to increasing your own willpower or self-control.

Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Banishing, protection, strength, willpower
Rituals and Celebrations: Imbolc, Samhain
Often Used With: Chamomile, hematite, holly, jet, lilac, obsidian, pennyroyal
Associated Colors: Black, white
Applications: Carry a piece of onyx in your pocket or place stones around the corners of your home and property to keep away those who would cause you harm. If you’re struggling with addiction, obsession, or impulse control, wear onyx as a pendant. If there’s someone in your life whose habits or poor decision-making skills have negative consequences, write the person’s name on a piece of paper, wrap it around a piece of onyx, and bury it in the ground during the waning moon phase.

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