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Taraxacum officinale

Dandelions are weeds, but they come in handy for magic. Harvest the flowers, leaves, and even the seed puffs for magical workings. Use dandelions in workings related to divination, psychic development, and personal transformation. Dandelions are also associated with hardiness and resilience, so if you need to do a bit of magic related to strength and stability, dandelion is an excellent spell component.

Parts Used: Flowers, leaves, roots, seed puffs, stems
Associated Element: Air
Magical Uses: Divination, prophetic dreams, strength and stability, transformation
Rituals and Celebrations: Beltane celebrations, rituals involving transformation and new beginnings
Blends Well With: Comfrey or mugwort for divination, holly or thistle for strength
Substitutions: Buttercup, clover, violet
Often Used With: Carnelian, Shiva Lingam
Precautions: No known precautions.
Applications: Brew dandelion leaves into a tea to drink at bedtime for prophetic dreams, or use the seed puffs to blow away your problems. Dry out the flowers and use them in an herbal sachet to keep your home life stable. You can also decorate your altar with the flowers to give your spring spellwork an added boost.


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