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Amethyst is a form of quartz and appears in a wide range of purple and violet colors. Use amethyst in healing rituals related to mood disorders, such as anxiety, addiction, or depression. On a magical level, amethyst comes in handy for clarity of mind and enhancement of your psychic gifts, as well as for cleansing of sacred space.

Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Addiction, cleansing, mental health, psychic development
Rituals and Celebrations: Imbolc, Mabon Often
Used With: Amber, chamomile, lavender, sage, smoky quartz
Associated Colors: Lavender, purple
Applications: Carry amethyst with you if you’re going out for a social event or to help keep you from overindulging; the ancient Greeks used it to avoid drunkenness. If you’ve got a meditation space in your home, place amethysts around the area where you normally sit to aid in clearing your mind and facilitating a connection to the Divine. Do you experience general anxiety? A piece of amethyst jewelry can be calming. Place a stone on your nightstand or under your pillow to bring about restful sleep.

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