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A lodestone is naturally magnetic—literally and spiritually. This quality makes lodestone useful when it comes to spellwork, and you don’t need a large piece to work effective magic. Lodestone attracts iron, such as nails and pins, but you can also “feed” it with magnetic sand or iron shavings. Often used in love magic and for workings related to money and prosperity, lodestone can also be utilized as a natural compass representing all four directions. Don’t use water to cleanse a lodestone, as this will cause it to rust. Instead, leave it out in the moonlight for three nights.

Associated Element: Water
Magical Uses: Attraction, love, money
Rituals and Celebrations: Any rituals involving attraction
Often Used With: Aventurine, citrine, goldenseal
Associated Colors: Black, dark green
Applications: Write a list of goals, and place a lodestone on top of it. Feed your lodestone with metal shavings representing the dreams you hope to realize. In some traditions of folk magic, lodestones are paired up as “male” and “female.” If you can find a set of these, use them in love magic to draw a partner to you or keep your current partner close. Attract financial abundance by dressing a lodestone with Money Oil (see here) and sprinkling it with fine metal shavings.


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