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Ilex aquifolium

Holly is an evergreen plant that serves all year long as a reminder of the immortality of nature. The Celts considered holly to be a symbol of masculine energy and firmness, and a number of ancient societies used the wood of the holly in the construction of weapons and in protective magic. You may not be using it to build weapons, but you can certainly use it as part of your magical defense system!

Parts Used: Berries, leaves
Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Protection, masculine energy, strength
Rituals and Celebrations: Yule/winter solstice celebrations
Blends Well With: Dandelion or thistle for strength, thistle or tobacco for protection
Substitutions: Mistletoe, rosemary
Often Used With: Hematite, jet, onyx, topaz
Precautions: Holly should not be taken internally by pregnant or nursing women, or by anyone who suffers from liver damage. Keep the plants away from children and pets, as both the leaves and berries can be toxic.
Applications: Hang a sprig of holly in your house, or plant a few bushes outside your door to ensure good luck and safety to your family. Dry and powder the leaves and burn as incense, or make holly water by soaking the leaves overnight in spring water under a full moon; then sprinkle the water around the house for blessings, protection, and cleansing.


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