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Cinnamomum cassia

Today, we use cinnamon primarily as a culinary ingredient. However, our ancient ancestors used it in a number of different religious capacities. Cinnamon oil was used in Egypt as part of funerary rites, and Roman priests decorated many of their temples with the leaves. Cinnamon is associated with fiery passion, so use it in magic related to love and lust, as well as for psychic abilities, personal power, and success.

Parts Used: Bark, essential oil
Associated Element: Fire
Magical Uses: Ambition, passionate love, power, psychic development, success
Rituals and Celebrations: Fertility rites, Yule celebrations
Blends Well With: Basil for passion, lavender for psychic clarity
Substitutions: Basil, patchouli, or peppermint for love or passion
Often Used With: Bloodstone, emerald, garnet, jasper, tiger’s eye
Precautions: Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using cinnamon oil, as should anyone who has been treated for stomach ulcers.
Applications: Add a bit of the essential oil to a base oil and anoint your wrists with it to spice up your love life. Dress a red candle in oil and roll it in cinnamon for lust spells! Carry cinnamon sticks for magic related to business success and power, sprinkle cinnamon around your home for protection, or place a bit of cinnamon and lavender in a sachet and tuck it into your pillow for psychic development while you sleep.


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