Ocimum basilicum

You’re probably familiar with basil as a cooking herb, but it also comes in handy for a number of magical applications. Associated with purification and good fortune in the home, basil can also appear in love magic, particularly in matters of fidelity and loyalty. Bake basil into a loaf of bread or a pasta dish and feed it to someone whom you’d like to remain loyal. Basil oil can be blended with other calming oils in a base to help alleviate emotional stress or mental fatigue.

Parts Used: Essential oil, leaves

Associated Element: Fire

Magical Uses: Calming, fidelity, good luck, love, purification

Rituals and Celebrations: Love divination, purification rituals

Blends Well With: Lemon and rosemary to relieve anxiety, peppermint oil to spray into the shoes for an energy boost

Substitutions: Coriander, ginger

Often Used With: Bloodstone, diamond, emerald

Precautions: Basil oil can be a stimulant and shouldn’t be used by pregnant women or children.

Applications: Sprinkle dried basil around a lover’s side of the bed to keep them from straying. Add a pot of fresh basil to a new home to bring good fortune inside. Scatter the leaves across windows and doorways for purification. Dilute the essential oil in a base oil and dab a bit behind your ears to ignite the fires of passion in your lover!



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