Ways of connecting with Earth

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The Element of Earth is physically represented by the land itself, and all natural forms existing within it and on it. Trees and forests, rocks and caves, fields and groves are all associated with Earth, and spending time in places that have one or more of these features is a great way to connect with the Earth Element. Plunge your hands into fresh soil in a garden, walk barefoot in the mud or the grass, or climb a giant boulder and sit on it, feeling its energy resonate with yours. Lie down under the shelter of a leafy tree and feel the ground beneath you supporting your weight, keeping you stable and secure. Place the palm of your hand gently against the trunk of the tree and hold it there for a few moments. Notice its calming effect on your body and thank the tree for its nourishing and sheltering existence. If you can’t get outside, you can practice attuning to Earth energy with a single house plant. Gently touch the soil and the leaves and thank the plant for keeping you company. Spend time noticing and appreciating of the Earth’s bounty that you bring home from the grocery store. Hold a potato or other root vegetable in your hands and smell the earthy scents. Doing this before preparing a meal can add much love, intention, and quality to your dinner! Be sure not to take Earth for granted, as it is the foundation of your existence and the ultimate source of all of your abundance.

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