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Although mostly red and orange, carnelian is often streaked with white. The healing powers of carnelian are associated with impotence and infertility. Use carnelian in grounding rituals, because of its connection to the element of Earth. In addition to grounding, carnelian is useful in shielding against psychic attack.

Associated Element: Earth
Magical Uses: Grounding, sexual energy and fertility, shielding
Rituals and Celebrations: Beltane
Often Used With: Apple blossom, clear quartz, dandelion, hematite, mandrake, selenite, sandalwood
Associated Colors: Orange, red
Applications: Keep carnelian with your other crystals to help shield them from negative energy; think of it as a magical protective barrier. Wear it in a ring or other piece of jewelry to prevent jealousy and envy from getting out of control. Make healing water by immersing a carnelian stone in consecrated water overnight under a full moon; use this as a cleansing wash or to sprinkle around a sickroom. Place carnelian at the four corners of your bed to boost sexual potency.

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