Loud and Clear

It was probably no later than I hit publish on my last post that I heard my mom saying goodbye to someone on the phone. Five minutes later she comes down to my room and tells me that Mrs. CJ has a ‘proposition’ for me.

See, my mom works with Mr. CJ and cleans their house as a side job, and they only live the next apartment building over from us. Clearly my mom doesn’t work in silence when she is around those two, because Mrs. CJ wanted to offer me a ‘job’ of coming over there for an hour everyday and helping take care of her because she wants me to get out of the house and knows how depressed I am. I couldn’t say no. Mrs. CJ is in a hospital bed at their home, and all I know at this point is that she is unable to walk and take care of herself. She is the sweetest woman ever, and she wants to help me get better. She wants to basically pay me to be her friend.

I said yes in a heartbeat, not because she wants to pay me though, but because someone kept me in mind and went out of their way to find something for me to do that would be helpful to them. It felt like a sign from the universe and if I am being honest, I did tear up a little bit. I told my mom to tell her I would do it and I can do anything she needs while I am over there. As someone that wants to get going to nursing school at some point, I told her that I will even help bathe her and change her bag if she needs it, I’ll even read her books if she wants. I’m just so grateful.

As soon as I made a public post saying how determined I am to change my circumstances, an opportunity like that comes up? I think yes.

I see you, Universe, I see what you are doing. I hear you loud and clear.


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