Celestial Earth Coven

I started this site almost a year ago, as a way to organize my thoughts and the YEARS of research I have accumulated on my path. As time has gone on, I have toyed with many ideas of what this site could become. I wanted to be a unique way to bring the pagan community together. I wanted to be the one stop Witches could go to for information on different topics, as well as where they could find what they needed in their area. So I took to collecting and making a list of local shops, based on state. I donned that our ‘Directory Alley’ (paying homage to the stories of my childhood there). Then, being a crafty witch myself, I decided I wanted to support others on their endeavors in creating. I started collecting the names of Etsy shops that sold things relevant to being a practicing witch. I made a section called ‘The Net of Webs’, where I list shops that have useful and beautiful items. One thing I wanted to be sure of, is that no one is on a list unless they have requested to be, so I reach out to shops individually, and ask them to submit their information. Bonus to that being, all the information is accurate. Another thing I noticed is that people beginning down this path have no idea where to start. My answer to that is always… wait for it…. BOOKS!! So naturally I made a library section, where I list all of the books I have found helpful (as well as ones I still want to read).

This all brings us to where we are today. I have always known that I want to be my own boss… I mean, who doesn’t. These last few months have been beyond inspiring for me and I decided to get a jump-start on my dreams. Celestial Earth Coven is now an LLC. We are a witch lifestyle blog and boutique, focusing on selling handmade, local and small business brands. It will be a slow growing shop (launching soon), but I plan to keep this site very active. I will be doing regular posts on my personal practice, thorough book reviews, informational guides, and hopefully interviews with some other witches on what their journeys have been like.
That being said, I want to keep an open line of communication between us. I can’t give you guys exactly what you need and want unless I hear from you what those things are! So please let me know what you want to see, what you want to learn and what you want to read. Let me know how I can help you Live Your Magic!
Much Love!